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PARKSIDE arrive au Chili



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Founded in 1975, Parkside Hotels & Resorts has rapidly grown to become a truly outstanding collection of luxury, independently-owned hotels. With worldwide destinations Parkside Hotels & Resorts provides the ultimate in accommodations for the discerning guests. Collectively, our hotels are linked by a common thread of excellence and by a passionate commitment to deliver hospitality of outstanding quality.

Parkside Hotels & Resorts, now offers complete brand representation in all market segments without the costs & requirements of franchise brand affiliation. Unlike expensive franchises, Parkside Hotels & Resorts’ program is based on quality of hotels around the world and we could bring that opportunity to Europe via hotel branding for current hotels, hotel management for new / current hotels.

Parkside Hotels & Resorts has focused in the past over 25 years to expand it knowledge and contacts in the hotel industry worldwide. Commercial Cash Flow Investments will be sought from the European Government or private investors to develop hotels & resorts as number one options as long-term Investments. Parkside Hotels over the years have the highest level of service and experience both in the evaluation of property and its management. Parkside will form constructive and productive bilateral Management Agreements to operate the hotels & resorts in CHILE.


Parkside Hotels & Resorts has as target to establish a greater financial stability in Chile by operating hotels & resorts in Chileand in major cities like: Santiago, Valparaiso, Vina del Mar, Punta Arenas, and other cities. These hotel properties will be small to large hotels operated in a professional manner under the Parkside Brand which could be Parkside Inn, Parkside Hotel, Parkside Resort, Parkside Suites.

Mission:Financial Stability and Increase in branding and hotel management in Chile.

  • Business model:Parkside Hotels & Resorts is looking for large investment portfolio to develop good quality hotels in Chilewith local investors.
  • Strategy:Short Term Objectives in Chileare hotel branding, hotel management, Improve Marketing, and offer better hotel branding and hotel management with Needed Flexibility.
  • Strategic relationships:Strategic relationships: Top Performing hotels via hotel branding and hotel management.
  • SWOT Analysis:strengths: Contacts, Real Estate Experience over 25 years in the hotel industry.



The company offers a unique perspective that has more profound economic benefits to the community ofChilethan many of your common Investors:


  1. Bring good quality hotels in Chileunder a worldwide hotel brand.
  2. Open new hotels / upgraded current hotels in the Chilemarket
  3. Parkside Hotels will provide high end hotel management skills, Fast Resolutions to Problems, Multi Task at the hotel, local staff, we can provide further skilled Architecture, Contractor, & Developer Services.
  4. Free property maximum use potential evaluation & marketing upgrade support both local and statewide internet configurations.
  5. Full use of microsoft programs & web design. can also do analysis cash flow & financing evaluations for property owners to make their properties best cash Flow.
  6. Parkside Hotels will be able to hire local staff and train them under the Parkside Training Program for the hotel industry.





  • Keys to the group’s growth in Chileinclude:
    • Drawing on its teams’ expertise and know-how to seize local employment development opportunities and to train the local staff on hotel operations
    • Pinpointing opportunities by carefully analyzing each market’s potential in the Chilearea
    • Applying a systematic approach to studying brand compatibility in terms of each specific market, and how Parkside Hotels could help the local Chilearea to grow and bring in extra tourist to the areas.
    • Adapting concepts to fit the local culture, and to work with the local people to develop the local hotel industry
    • Creating joint ventures with local business partners to also help the growth with Parkside Hotels
    • Developing franchising in Chile


  • Strategic areas for development include:
    • Santiago
    • Valparaiso
    • Vina del Mar
    • Punta Arenas
    • And other areas where hotels will be needed for growth

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